Medical Assistant Schools in Ohio

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants in Ohio made an annual mean wage of $31,900 in 2018. The state had 23,930 jobs in this occupation with an employment per 1,000 figure of 4.42. The future of medical assistants is bright, all across the US, with an impressively high growth rate of 29% expected in the years from 2016 to 2026.
If you want to join a medical field that has a relatively easy and low cost entry, then you might be interested in the following list of the top medical assistant schools in Ohio.

  1. Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

The Cincinnati State Technical and Community College offers a medical assistant certificate program in health sciences technology training. By the end of this program, students are able to perform administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments. They are also equipped to perform clinical tasks such as taking blood samples and administering medication. Students are required to complete an externship during the third semester of the course.

  1. Edison State Community College

The Edison State Community College offers a medical assisting certificate program that is delivered online and in-person. It is an entry level program that is 32 credit hours long. It has classes in medical office processes, computer concepts, medical insurance and coding. An internship and an internship seminar are also included in the curriculum.

  1. Zane State College

Graduates of the Zane State College are eligible to sit for the national board test which leads to a national certification. To apply, you will have to submit an online form. The program is a 2 year long Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting degree with courses such as medical assisting clinical processes, disease and nutrition diet therapy, anatomy and medical ethics.

  1. Belmont College

Upon graduation from the Belmont College, students should have gained the ability to understand and apply the concepts of physiology, anatomy, communications and psychology. The course is 65 credit hours long in curriculum and includes classes in areas such as human biology, medical office practices and allied health math.

  1. Clark State Community College

The Clark State Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting degree which is taught at its Beavercreek and Springfield campuses. The curriculum covers topics such as medical terminology, lab processes and medical administrative office work etc. Part-time and weekend classes are available for students who prefer flexible schedules. To graduate, you will have to complete 200 hours of supervised practice, which takes place during the day. Students are also required to have a GPA of at least 2.0 to graduate, along with a CPR certification.

  1. Terra State Community College

The medical assistant degree at the Terra State Community College prepares students for work in healthcare settings such as ambulatory care facilities, clinical labs, dental and optometry offices, nursing homes and medical offices. Graduates from this program are eligible to sit for the American Medical Technologists Registered Medical Assistant exam. The three certificate options available include medical scribe, phlebotomy and medical assisting.